TypeOnsite Course
DateMar 1, 2020
Time03 Months
PlaceHouse # 147/C (Near By Sonargaon University) (4th Floor), Green Road, Panthapath, Tejgaon, Dhaka 1215
Price10000 ৳6000 ৳
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Move beyond first generation HTML-based web pages and create interactive, state-of-the-art, web-based applications that support the demands of tomorrow’s e-business processes. Whether you are experienced or relatively new to the field, achieving your Web Design and Development Certificate is a significant advancement in your career development. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge they need to design and implement effective and dynamic websites. Students pursuing the certificate have the option of taking either the Web Design track or the Web Development track, depending on their particular area of interest.

Course Outline Below:


  • HTML5 Introduction
  • HTML5 Tags, Attributes & Elements
  • HTML5 The Basic Structure of an HTML Document
  • HTML5 Comments, Page Title, Headings, Paragraphs
  • HTML5 Parent/Child Structure, Hyperlinks
  • HTML5 Lists, Images, Address
  • HTML5 Tables, Forms, HTML Special Characters, HTML Entities
  • HTML5 IDs & Classes, Span & Div
  • HTML5 Header & Footer Nav, Section & Article
  • HTML5 IFrames Aside Time Abbreviations & Quotes Typography


  • CSS The Style Rule
  • CSS Inline styles, Internal styles, External styles, CSS Selectors,
  • CSS Properties & Values, Inheritance of Styles
  • CSS ID Selectors, Class Selectors, Grouping Selectors
  • CSS The Box Model, Colours (or Colors), Text Styling & Formatting
  • CSS Borders, Margins, Paddings, Outlines, Scrolbars, Backgrounds
  • CSS Styling Forms, Styling Lists, Cursors, Outlines, Styling Links
  • CSS Block & Inline Elements, Float & Clear, Positioning, Specificity
  • CSS Visibility, Layers, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements
  • CSS Text Effects, Media Types, Paged Media, Aural Media,
  • CSS Printing, Layouts, Validations

Bootstrap 4.0

  • Bootstrap Overview
  • Bootstrap Grid system, Bootstrap Typography, Bootstrap Code
  • Bootstrap Tables, Bootstrap Forms, Bootstrap Buttons
  • Bootstrap Images, Bootstrap Helper classes, Bootstrap Responsive utilities
  • Bootstrap Glyphicons, Bootstrap Dropdowns, Bootstrap Button groups
  • Bootstrap Button dropdowns, Bootstrap Input groups
  • Bootstrap Navs, Bootstrap Navbar, Bootstrap Breadcrumbs
  • Bootstrap Pagination, Bootstrap Labels, Bootstrap Badges, Bootstrap Jumbotron
  • Bootstrap Page header, Bootstrap Thumbnails, Bootstrap Alerts
  • Bootstrap Progress bars, Bootstrap Media object, Bootstrap List group
  • Bootstrap Panels, Bootstrap Responsive embed, Bootstrap Wells


  • JavaScript Overview
  • JavaScript  Syntax, Enabling, Placement
  • JavaScript Variables, Operators
  • JavaScript If…Else, Switch Case, While Loop, Do Loop, For Loop
  • JavaScript Functions, Events, Page Redirect
  • JavaScript Objects, Number, Boolean, Strings, Arrays
  •  JavaScript Date, Math, RegExp
  • JavaScript – HTML DOM & BOM


  • Introduction to Jquery, benefits of using jquery library than to use raw Javascript.
  • jquery syntax and how to write code in jquery.
  • What is DOM elements, how to jquery to traversing DOM element easily, necessity for element traversing. Make use to element traversing functions and most common usages.
  • Using jquery to handle and control DOM elements CSS to change element behavior in client side.
  • How to use jquery effects and animations to show nice effects in client side. Get used to built in animation/effect functions and make new custom effects.
  • What is jquery plugins, where to get these and how and why to use these.
  • Practical and Project Assignments for making some small animations with element traversing options.

Fundamentals PHP: 

  • PHP Install
  • PHP Syntax
  • PHP Comments
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Echo / Print
  • PHP Data Types
  • PHP Strings
  • PHP Numbers
  • PHP Constants
  • PHP Operators
  • PHP If…Else…Elseif
  • PHP Switch
  • PHP Loops
  • PHP Functions
  • PHP Arrays
  • PHP Superglobals

PHP Forms:

  • PHP Form Handling
  • PHP Form Validation
  • PHP Form Required
  • PHP Form URL/E-mail
  • PHP Form Complete

PHP Advanced:

  • PHP Date and Time
  • PHP Include
  • PHP File Handling
  • PHP File Open/Read
  • PHP File Create/Write
  • PHP File Upload
  • PHP Cookies
  • PHP Sessions
  • PHP Filters
  • PHP Filters Advanced


  • PHP What is OOP
  • PHP Classes/Objects
  • PHP Constructor
  • PHP Destructor
  • PHP Access Modifiers
  • PHP Inheritance
  • PHP Constants
  • PHP Abstract Classes
  • PHP Traits
  • PHP Static Methods
  • PHP Static Properties

MySQL Database:

  • MySQL History
  • MySQL Features
  • MySQL Data Types
  • MySQL Database
    • Create Database
    • Select Database
    • Drop Database
  • Table & Views
    • Crate Table
    • Alter Table
    • Truncate Table
    • Drop Table
  • MySQL Queries
    • Insert Record
    • Update Record
    • Delete Record
    • Select Record
  • MySQL Clause
    • Where Clause
    • Distinct Clause
    • From Clause
    • Order By Clause
    • Group By Clause
  • MySQL Conditions
  • MySQL Join
  • MySQL Aggregate Functions
  • MySQL Functions
  • MySQL Date & Time
  • MySQL Procedure
  • MySQL Trigger
  • MySQL Regex

Project Making:

  • Make professional Project.


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